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09/04/2011 21:24

I have been searching for a Bible Believing church in the triangle area for almost a year. I thank God He recently allowed us to stumble accross Gospel Baptist Tabernacle Church. Pastor David Bolik has no agenda of his own! He simply desires to see people come to Christ, and build up his people to where they can live for Jesus Christ and lead people to Him. You will NEVER hear such spirit filled preaching with the Power of God all over it like you will at this church. I have been to many churches all over the US, and even started and pastored a church. I promise that you will NOT be disappointed in the preaching, IF you desire God to truly speak to your heart from his Holy Book, the King James Bible. The pastor and the people are the most loving, caring and friendly people I have met.

10/10/2011 15:13

I miss you guys so much. Gospel Baptist Tabernacle will always be my home. Love you all.

07/13/2012 20:14

Great info, thx


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